Moving Forward!

On Sunday, July 22, the 135th anniversary of First Congregational Church's founding, our congregation voted unanimously to move forward with immediate construction of The Ground Floor. Tears flowed. Hands clapped. Voices whooped. Spirits soared.

Yes, the costs of the project have increased due to the economy and designing the space to best support youth experiencing homelessness (if you'd like details, please email Higher costs means we will continue fundraising to meet the need--please share The Ground Floor story and invite your friends/colleagues to contribute!

Even with the added expense, First Congregational recognizes the mission we have been given in this time and place. We are dedicated to serving Bellingham and Whatcom County in immediate and long-term efforts to curb homelessness and its effects. Thank you to all who are helping make this project a reality.

Pearson Construction will break ground on August 13th. In preparation for that, we will host a training for volunteers who wish to help defray some of the expense through physical labor--if you'd like to join us for this training, come to the sanctuary at 6:30pm on Thursday, August 2nd.

Help us get to the finish line before 2019!

final rendering by RMC Architects

final rendering by RMC Architects

Sharon Benton