Construction Phase I: Construction on the ADA ramp began on April 23 and is expected to be completed (except for some masonry work) by June 22.

Construction Phase II: Building Committee is on target to get a complete estimate for Phase II by July 6. It will take one week to get the permit from the city. Pearson Construction is on board to start construction on September 1, with completion by the end of the year. In the new year, NWYS could begin offering day services in The Ground Floor to youth 13-24 experiencing homelessness!

Fundraising: As of June 12, we’re less than $75,000 away from our goal and still have congregational pledges rolling in! Anyone can get in on the The Ground Floor by making a tax-exempt contribution--every gift helps get us to our goal! Donate here and share the news with your friends.

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Sharon Benton